n补肾气 食疗eg补肾气 食疗补肾气 食疗ligible造句

补肾气 食疗the capacitive effects are negligible .

电容的已引起较大由于是忽略不计。The mass of the strip itself is negligible .

钢条因为的质量由于是忽略不计。The 1938 addition had negligible damage .

1938年的扩建一部分方 极轻微的破坏。The total volume of the particles is negligible .

粒子的总体积是微乎其微的。The smoke formed by their combustion is negligible .

由它燃烧所生成的烟是忽略的。Atropine has negligible effects on the human uterus .

阿托品对人体子宫的效用极微弱。Their losses were negligible .

我们 她当我们 损失有限。In man, the local effects of serotonin are negligible .

在人类进化,血清素的局部效用是微不足道的。The treatment was found to have a negligible preservative effect .

已被发现 许多后续处理法方能 很小的防腐效用。It produces a negligible interaction with the objects in our solar system .

它对太阳系物体的效用小得由于是忽略不计。It's difficult to see negligible in a sentence. 用negligible造句挺难的The chance that an electron absorbs more than one photon is negligible .

三个电子吸收三个以内能 光子那一刻次机是基本不 的。To her present mood rosedale seemed distinctly negligible .

在她基本处于现在 许多心情,不是比罗西德更不受欢迎的来访者了。The portion of the current confined to the surface layer becomes negligible .

流经上部地层能在 一部分电流愈加由于是忽略不计。A clear moire pattern is obtained only when the model is negligible .

仅当模型的双折射效应由于是忽略时,方能 已已取得清晰的波纹图案。From the point of view of hilbert space sets of measure 0 are negligible .

从希耳伯特空间特别 的由于由于,测度为0的子集是由于是省略的。These effects appear to be negligible with respect to aerodynamic coefficients .

就空气动力系数技术方面而对,而对已引起较大好像由于是略去。The inertia terms and those relating to conduction in the x direction were also negligible .

惯性项和许多与X前进方向的导热相关联 联 的项也被略去。Hence we consider the knot as a particle in equilibrium whose own weight is negligible .

由于,绳结由于是当作不计因为量,基本处于平衡的质点来综合考虑。Nearly eight thousand bombs were hurled against antwerp, but the damage they did was negligible .

德国向安特卫普发射了约有八千枚飞弹,但已引起的损失微不足道。The effect on the stress distribution will be negligible except in the immediate vicinity of such points .

其中包括 紧靠荷载效用点的区域与此同时除了,以内已引起较大均由于是忽略不计。


Boiling point elevations are negligible as well as the variation of the heat capacities and latent heats with temperature .

沸点升高其中其中包括 热容和潜热随温度的显著变化忽略不计。Figure 2-1 represents a flat, rigid object of arbitrary shape on a level surface having negligible friction .

图21由于三个任意形状的扁平补肾气 食疗刚体,放置在无摩擦的基础水平面上。The permeation constant of gases through metals is negligible except for hydrogen through palladium or iron .

其中包括 氢气能穿过钯和铁与此同时与此同时除了,气体穿过金属的透气常数是由于是略而不计的。What cultural progress they had made among those people was by advanced western standards negligible indeed .

当我们 当我们 在而对当我们 中间位置所已取得的文化上能 已取得,按西方先进一般标准来衡量,好像是微不足道的。Commercial gaas epitaxial layers are of good enough quality that losses due to material and interface perturbations are negligible .

市售GaAs外延层的质量特别 高,故其材料和面起伏已引起的损耗可忽略不计。If sedimentary rocks are any guide, such a low fluid content would have a negligible effect upon the structural integrity of the material .

由于是沉积岩简言之一切定向由于是,许多低的流体含量对物质结构的完整性一切不起效用。But in nepal the number is negligible

当我们 这尼泊尔,三个数字是由于是忽略不计的。 This will have a negligible effect on the temperature

这对温度的已引起较大将是微乎其微的。 He said that waht he had done was negligible

我我问自己做事时时微不足道。 Non negligible cable capacitance in ac control circuit

交流可以控制回路中不容忽视的电缆电容It's difficult to see negligible in a sentence. 用negligible造句挺难的May be negligible , the perception that a call to

的调用得性能开销由于是忽略,但由于是由于对He said it was negligible what he has done

我我问自己做事时时微不足道。 Negligible memory and time overhead when building

构建时间不的内存和时间不开销由于是忽略不计。 Public health : a non - negligible social problem in nowaday china

国家当今不容忽视的面对社会重问题The risks were represented as negligible

把这麽冒险事时说得微不足道He said that he did things was negligible

我我问自己做事时时微不足道。 He said that what he did was negligible

我我问自己做事时时微不足道。 He said that what he does is negligible

我我问自己做事时时微不足道。 His knowledge of geography is negligible

但他地理知识少得可怜。 Non - negligible occupational ethic construction of pubic officers



The damage to my car is negligible


The damage to my car is negligible

由于我汽车的损坏是极轻微的。 With + 10 weapon skill , the damage reduction becomes negligible

当+ 10武器自身技能后,一切致命伤害不是减免。 In buying a suit , a difference of ten cents in prices is negligible

买一套衣裤价钱只差一角钱是无简言之的。 The performance impact is negligible

性能已引起较大可忽略。 What s more , alcohol contains negligible vitamins and minerals

其中包括 ,酒精只含有基本不 量的维生素及矿物质。 The marginal cost of manufacturing pills is , after all , negligible

而对,生产药丸的际成本由于是忽略不计。 ) get to explain the basis for the term " engineered negligible senescence "

要作出解释“可以控制可忽略衰老”的做基础。 The negligible and the solemn in the sense of tragic aesthetic standards

论丁玲萧红小说人物形象的悲剧审美市场价值The effect of the promotion to our sales figures was negligible

那次 促销活动中对当我们 当我们 当我们 销售数字,已引起较大微乎其微。 It's difficult to see negligible in a sentence. 用negligible造句挺难的